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Q1a: Why do you want to join the Security industry?
Q1b: What, if any, experience have you had in the Security industry?
Q2: Do you have, or have ever had, a Security Licence?
Q3: Do you believe you would pass a Security Clearance?
Q4a: How many hours per week are you seeking?
Q4b: How much do you think you are worth, per hour?
Q5a: Can you work weekends?
Q5b: Can you work night-shift?
Q6: If you have any dependants, how many and how old are they?
Q7: If you speak more than just English, please specify:
Q8: Do you have any objections to going through a training course before employment?
Q9: Can you work as an effective member of a team?
Q10: Do you have any racial attitude against the following cultures:
Samoan/Islander, Maori, Indian, Fijian, Chinese, Japanese and/or European.
If 'yes', please explain...
Q11: Have you ever been in a conflict situation where you were punched or kicked?
If 'yes', please explain how you handled this...
Q12: How would you rate yourself on customer skill in the field of communication?
Q13: Have you ever lost your temper?
If 'yes', please explain...
Q14: Have you ever deliberately punched or kicked someone?
If 'yes', please explain...
Q15: When breaking up an altercation, do you feel it is justified to punch someone?
Q16: Briefly, how would you best describe your character?
Q17: What do you feel you can offer the PPS Security team?
Q19a: Do you have any current or outstanding criminal convictions, or are you awaiting a court appearance on charges?
If 'yes', please explain...
Q19b: Have you ever had any charges dealt with under the 'Diversion' scheme?
If 'yes', please explain...
Q19c: Would you be willing to undergo a criminal history check and/or credit history check?
Q18: Do you play any sports? if so, please specify what sport(s) and when you play it/them:
Q20a: Please specify any physical and/or mental conditions that may affect your work performance:
Q20b: Please specify any drugs or medications you are on that may affect your work performance:
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